Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Days!

This week has felt very busy for us! Earlier in the week i was watching some freinds of ours kids for three days and i found out what it is like to be a mommy of three (I am for sure NOT ready for that yet lol)
Justin had the day off on Friday and so we both got to rest a bit but not for long! I was supposed to make cupcakes for my sister in law sarahs baby shower but since we couldnt meet my mother inlaw until after 2:00 she decided she would just make them herself. We also put an offer in on a house in provo so we are waiting and should hear back by the 29th of september. We are really hoping something comes thru soon. Justin was working on painting a motorcycle all day and i worked on sanding and prepping an old book case to turn into a baby changing table. We were so busy and didnt get around to eating dinner til 8:30! We went to my favorite greasy hole in the wall mexican restraunt mi ranchito and saw our freinds Devin and Lachelle and baby asher that we havent seen in what feels like years! We didnt get home til around 11:00 and i was ready to sleep!
We were both so tired that we didnt wake up until after 10:00 this morning. So i got up and made pancakes for breakfast than we hurried to get ready for the day and run some errands. We went to spanish fork and than we went our seperate ways. Justin went to lunch with his dad, brothers, and grandpa. While i went to Sarahs baby shower (it was so cute they had a dr suess theme and it was alot of fun) After that we had family pictures with everyone in payson the photographers were very nice and made it as fun as pictures can be. We finally headed home about 6:00 and than Justin went off to the stake center to take down chairs after the relief society broadcast While i sit here and bore everyone with the details of our day! Anyways I am really excited to see all of these pictures and felt like blabbing my mouth! And I am going to wait for Justin to get home and hopefully go to sleep before 11:00 See you all later!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Blog Post Ever!!

So to start off I will tell you all about us and what is going on in our lives! Justin and I got married on December 29th 2007 and have been having a blast together. Right now we are living in my parents basement and looking for a place of our own. We are expecting a baby on February 26th of this year and we are super excited!

During the Day Justin works for JBL Exteriors doing Siding and soffet facia. At night when he has projects he spends his time in the garage painting things. He is really talented and i am very proud of him and what he acomplishes. He recently got a new calling at church doing something in the scouts helping the boys to get their eagles. He seems to really like this calling.

I am a Master Esthetician and i spend my days at home with our fun little dog bubbles taking appointments for waxing people and occasionally going to other peoples houses for larger things. (which gets harder with my growing belly) I got a new calling in the Young womens being the Sports director (funny thing because i am not very athletic) I am trying hard to learn and do good in my calling.

I thought i would start a blog because it seems the thing to do... I havent started one sooner because i thought we dont really have many interesting things going on in our lives. BUT since we will be having a baby i thought this might change. lol We will see! I hope you enjoy reading our blog and keeping up with us in this cyber world!